Privacy Policy

Memling ("we", "us", "our") provides the information set out on the website (the "Website") solely for information purposes.

Your use of the Website is governed by this Privacy Policy and our Disclaimer. Any room reservation you make with us, shall additionally be subject to our Terms and Conditions, as well as the terms of our room booking operator (Fidelio).

By using any part of the Website and/or submitting any information to us through the Website, you agree to the terms set forth in our Disclaimer and this Privacy Policy, and you agree that any of your personal data obtained through the Website, may be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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    We are concerned with the protection of your privacy and will comply with all applicable Belgian and European data protection legislation, in particularEuropean Directive 95/46/EC and European Directive 2002/58/EC.


    We may collect your personal data on the occasions and for the purposes as set forth below. Additionally, we may use your personal data to support the functionality and to personalize the layout and content of the Website to match your needs, interests and preferences, for security and fraud prevention purposes, to better understand our guests, to improve our programs, services and Website, and to better market our programs and services.

    2.1    Use of the Website

    When you use the Website, we may collect information regarding the pages you visited, the date and time of your visit, your web browser and your IP-address (collectively, the "Page Statistics").

    In general, we use the Page Statistics only to compile anonymous statistics regarding our visitors, in particular every visitor's home country. In case of technical difficulties, upon your request, we may also investigate the Page Statistics to offer you support in using the website's facilities. Without your request for technical assistance, we will never investigate personalized Page Statistics.

    The Website uses so-called "cookies" to facilitate differentiation and identification of visitors. Although cookies have a bad reputation with respect to privacy, please note that the Website only uses session cookies, i.e. cookies that are deleted after you close your browser. This way, the cookies used by us only store a very minimal amount of personal data during a very limited amount of time.

    2.2    Contacting us

    When you contact us, whether by mail, e-mail, telephone, fax or via the Website, or when you make a reservation with us, we may collect your contact details, in order to be of better assistance and to contact you later on. We may use all the contact information you provide us with to send you our newsletter and to inform you of our products and services. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter or information by mail, you may notify us of this at []. We will only provide you with our newsletter and inform you of our products and services by e-mail if you have explicitly indicated that you wish to receive this information.

    2.3 Reservations and payments

    All reservations you make with us, are processed by our booking partner Fidelio . All personal data you provide them with in order to complete the reservation, are processed by Fidelio. Upon successful completion of a reservation, Fidelio will only provide us with an output of the reservation, which will be stored on our servers, to allow us to review bookings and to provide management services and hotel services to you during your stay.

    We allow you to perform on-line credit card payments to pay for your booking. Such payments are processed by Ogone , an operator of secure payment services. After a successful payment, Ogone will provide us with the amount, transaction ID, date and time of your payment, which will be stored on our Website, to allow you and us to get an overview of past payments. We will not have access to any additional personal data provided during the payment process, such as your credit card number and expiry date.

    We advise you to carefully read the privacy policies of Fidelio and Ogone before you make any reservation or online payment.


    The Website and the other databases used by us are appropriately protected against theft, unauthorized access and loss of your personal data. All data is stored on a professionally maintained, externally hosted server that is regularly backed up and updated to prevent security breaches.

    Although we have used all reasonable measures to prevent security breaches, please note that no website can be 100% protected against targeted hacking attacks.


    We will occasionally hand over your personal data to affiliated companies, affiliated bonus programs and affiliated travel organizations. Your personal data will not be provided to any other parties.

    We reserve the right to store your data outside the EU.


    We only store your personal data as long as it is necessary or useful for us or you to do so. Statistical information from the Website will be periodically released. Contact information will be stored until you ask us to delete your contact information.


    At any time, you may request access to or modification of your personal data held by us. Should you have any further question relating to access, modification or deletion of your personal data, do not hesitate to contact us at If you have any further questions with respect to or requests to modify your personal data processed by Ogone or Fidelio, you should contact them directly.


    We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time. As all changes made to this Privacy Policy will be indicated on the Website, we advise you to regularly check the Website for changes. Changes are effective thirty (30) days after their posting on the Website. Your continued use of the Website constitutes your agreement to these changes.